What Everyone Should Know about Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies provide extra protection beyond standard coverage, and they are available in increments of millions. Most insurance companies offer these policies starting at $1 million and going up as high as $10 million in some cases. There are a few companies targeting people with higher net worth ratings, and they offer policies as high as $50 million and sometimes more. The majority of people who buy umbrella policies pick a standard $1 million policy, but there are quite a few who choose policies totaling $2 million. For the first $1 million, the premium can be as high as $250 per year. However, it may be even higher if a person has more than two cars, has points on his or her record or has young drivers in the home. The premium lowers slightly for each additional million in coverage added.

If a person becomes liable for a catastrophic event, it is better for him or her to have more coverage. The best part about umbrella insurance is how affordable it is. Anyone who is considering buying this insurance should never cut any corners. It is crucial to carefully consider the value of all personal assets. When in doubt, aim for a higher number rather than a lower number. Some people think they only need to buy enough coverage to match their net worth, but this is not true. Many judgments and settlements can exceed a person’s assets. Keep in mind that awarded damages are not lowered due to a lower net worth.

Future wages should also be protected from garnishment. If a person does not have enough insurance, he or she can easily be compromised. When a person is injured and earns a sizable judgment, he or she can count on being a target of the top liability attorneys. While $1 million may seem like an excessive amount of coverage to some people, it is important to keep in mind that the total for a liability claim can multiply very quickly.

One million is not very much in today’s expensive world. Settlements exceeding the $5 million mark are not uncommon to read about in the newspaper. Facing a lifetime of medical care and injuries coupled with losing the ability to earn an income can total well over $5 million. If multiple people are injured, the situation only becomes more complicated and more expensive. Every person should consider what he or she thinks is acceptable for different circumstances. People should ask themselves how much they would be willing to settle for if they were unable to work and were paralyzed for the rest of their lives.

People who have anything to lose should purchase at least $2 million in umbrella overage. For those who stand to lose a great deal of assets and savings, it is wise to purchase at least a $5 million policy, but it might be optimal to purchase more. The best way to determine how much insurance to buy is to discuss personal issues and concerns with an agent.  ACBI can help assess your coverage needs and offer coverage solutions.  Call us today at 203-259-7580 or visit our website.

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