Making your Smart Phone “Insurance Smart”

Using your smartphone to manage all of your insurance affairs is not only smart, it will put you ahead of the game if you need to access your insurance information or if you end up having a claim.

There is no better place than having all the information and tools on your smartphone because it is likely with you at all times. The best news is, the resources are there and putting in place what you need is a snap.


Insurance company app

The first thing you should do is to see if your insurance company has an application for your phone. These are available as a free added-value service.

The best part is that most of these apps have a number of capabilities. This includes nearly everything from accessing your policy information to submitting a claim, and everything else in between. 

For example, if you get into an accident, some apps include the capability to take photos and submit them along with a claims form you complete right on your phone. This means you can submit a claim within minutes after the accident happened, along with all the photos documenting the incident.

While reporting a claims incident is probably the most valuable advantage of these apps, another plus point is having access to your policy information anytime you need it.

What is your policy number? When does your policy renew? When is your next payment due? How much coverage do you have? All of this is right at the tip of your fingers

For example, if you need your policy number and information for your job or you are driving kids on a field trip and the school needs it, these apps make it easy to access all this information.

Even if your insurance company doesn’t have an app, the phone itself can be a valuable resource. For claims situations, the phone’s camera is just about the best mobile documentation tool you can have.

Also, if you are away from home, the ability to connect to the internet to look up resources such as the nearest towing company, the insurance company’s website, and of course your agent’s phone number, can be your greatest asset.

Another really useful benefit is that you can use the phone’s map to get directions to the closest place you may need to get to.


Off-the-shelf apps

In addition to insurance company apps, there are a number of other applications that are available.

One example is a home inventory app that will help you to set up and organize photos or video of your entire inventory. This can come in handy in the unfortunate event that you have a fire or are burglarized, as insurance companies will need an entire inventory to complete forms when processing the claim. 

Another example of a helpful app is a document storage and sharing app such as or These apps allow you to store and share documents and images on the cloud, which makes them easily accessible on your smartphone.

This basically means that you can upload and save images from a computer to the cloud, and then you will have access to those images from your smartphone, tablet or any other computer.


The takeaway

Investing a little initial time to download and set up apps and other resources to make your phone insurance-smart is well worth it. It will not only save you time when you need this information, it will allow you to be significantly ahead of the game – even possibly being able to provide enough evidence to prove you are not at fault in an auto accident.

You are 95% there by having a smartphone already, and the benefits are too great not to take that next step in using the insurance-ready resources that are available.  ACBI has our own, proprietary App.  If you have any questions about installing it, please contact our office. 


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