The Affordable Care Act Will Affect how Most Americans Vote in 2016

According to research recently published by, 85 percent of respondents in a survey said that the Affordable Care Act would affect their voting choices in the 2016 presidential election. Of that amount, more than 40 percent said that the ACA was very important, and more than 30 percent felt that it was only somewhat important.

About 50 percent of respondents expressed their worries about being able to afford health care in the future. This number showed a decrease from last year’s 55 percent. Hispanics and women comprised the majority of respondents who were anxious about having affordable health care in the future.

People in the United States still have mixed opinions about the ACA, its advantages and its disadvantages. The percentage of people who want to repeal the law is about equal to the percentage of people who want to keep it in effect. These numbers have remained consistent since 2013.

Of the individuals who were surveyed, Millennials most commonly said that their insurance situation had improved during the past year and that they were happy with their current coverage. However, people who were between the ages of 50 and 65 reported being unsatisfied with the law and how it affected their insurance over the past year. They were also mostly in favor of repealing the law.

With the mixture of negative and positive opinions about the ACA and having it be a hot-button issue during the election, experts are interested to see the outcome of how Americans vote in 2016. Candidates must have a clear plan that is in favor or in opposition to it to catch the attention of most Americans. Some Americans are also open to reform or changes of the law without repealing it.

The ACA has made insurance easier to obtain for people with low income. However, it has also resulted in coverage changes with many insurance policies. This resulted in many employers changing their insurance benefits as well. American workers and employers will likely see several other changes over the next decade if the law remains in place. To learn more about insurance options or changes, discuss concerns with an agent.


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