Tips for Business Owners to Prevent Burglaries

About 90 percent of preventing burglaries consists of physical security measures. If a business or business complex is locked, it is harder for criminals to enter the property. They are less attracted to it because of the difficulty of breaking in, the noise they may cause, the time it takes to break in and the likelihood of getting caught. In most cases, burglars will move on and look for an easier target. By thinking like criminals would, business owners can go over the details of their businesses and look for any possibilities of easy entrances or other opportunities for criminals. To improve the chances of finding any weaknesses, go over the blueprints physically. Also, follow these tips.

Use deadbolt locks. For all entrance locks, use deadbolts. This includes gates as well as doors. Make sure they are double cylinder and have movable collars with the ability to recess into the door. There should be a throw of at least one inch that contains an insert with hardened steel, and a latch guard should protect it. For current safety requirements, check with the local fire department.

Use steel padlocks. When it is necessary to use padlocks, make sure they are made of case hardened steel. The locks should always be locked and should be mounted on bolted hasps. This will help prevent exchange. If there are serial numbers, scratch them off with a file so burglars cannot have duplicate keys made.

Lock the windows. Many people overlook the windows, but they should always be locked. Use secure locks and burglar-resistant glass if possible.

Use solid doors. Make sure all doors are made of solid materials. They should be secured with heavy crossbars and lining made of metal. Door jams should be solid, and any hinges that are exposed must be pinned to keep them from being removed.

Keep good visibility. Make sure the windows are clean and not obstructed. If there are any expensive items, keep them away from windows when the business is closed.

Optimize the lights. There should be optimum visibility inside and outside of the business. It is best to install vandal-proof protection over the lights. Ensure the whole perimeter of the property is well lit. If there are cameras, this is especially important as most do not have the best display quality at night.

Keep the cash register safe. This should be kept in plain sight. If it is visible from outside, make sure it is empty when leaving, and leave it open so would-be burglars know it is empty.

Use an alarm system. Have it installed by a professional monitoring company. Update and check the system regularly, and be sure to note its presence with signs on the property.

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