GPS Tracking for Business: Monitor, Protect and Optimize Your Assets

For any business – big or niche – protecting your company means protecting your assets, no matter how small or valuable.

A lost or stolen company-issued laptop, for example, poses the risk of exposing trade secrets and confidential information, and a company car or equipment used in a crime may damage your business’ name forever.

How do you monitor and protect your assets beyond the reach of any CCTV and surveillance coverage?

From food service to construction, waste management, field services or whatever business you have, you can have complete control and peace of mind with a GPS asset tracking system. Combine this with value-adding features such as fleet management and telematics – and you will have an investment that pays for itself.

See Your Assets Go; Let Your Business Grow

Why invest in GPS tracking? Apart from helping you avoid losing money by preventing loss or deterring theft, it can actually help you make money. More than a preventive measure against theft or tampering, asset tracking has also been proven to increase production efficiency.


  • Track virtually anything – From priceless documents and gold bars, vehicles and shipping containers to personnel travelling to remote areas, there is a GPS tracking solution for your every need.


  • Real-time monitoring – Know when, how fast and for how long your asset moves. More importantly, know why there might be a stall or rerouting – and be able to respond to any situation immediately. Keep to your schedules and you will also keep customers happy.


  • Optimized operations – With a strict monitoring system in place, you will be able to save not only fuel but also other valuable resources. These include insurance premiums, overtime costs, vehicle maintenance, manpower and time. Pass on your savings to your customers, and you will be guaranteed repeat business.


Entrust Your Goods Only to Experts

It might be tempting to choose cheaper, do-it-yourself options for your asset tracking requirements but you should remember what will be at stake. When it is your livelihood that is on the line, it is always best to trust the experts who can blend hardware and software solutions tailored to your needs.

Among these experts are system integrators, such as Radio Satellite Integrators (, GPSTrackIt ( and SageQuest (, which provide customized and end-to-end tracking solutions and services. Websites, such as and, can also help you identify the type of solutions from reliable vendors and manufacturers that match your company’s requirements.

Apart from comparing prices and functions, consider the geographic coverage, after-sales support and maintenance, and other services that GPS asset tracking vendors offer. Research which service providers other companies in your industry prefer, and seek reviews and recommendations from experienced GPS users.

Most vendors will ask you to sign a long-term service contract lasting up to four years, making it all the more crucial to choose the right partner from the beginning.

Tracking Within Bounds

As GPS trackers receive signals from satellites, access to the open sky is required for accurate and consistent monitoring. Install the units securely where signals are not easily blocked, and ensure continuous power supply – either by using a rechargeable solar-powered battery or connecting the unit to the electrical system of a vehicle when applicable.

And whereas the sky may be the limit when it comes to GPS tracking, its use can be limited legally. Business owners using GPS trackers should be aware of the relevant legal restrictions where they operate. The use of these devices is generally limited by the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution, and some states such as California may have more specific regulations regarding personal and business applications of GPS trackers and related devices.

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