Top 10 Predicted Video Surveillance Trends For 2014

Researchers expect to see several changes in the video surveillance market during 2014. They said that the demand will continue rising and is expected to grow more than 10 percent. These are the top 10 trends they expect to see.

1. Video Surveillance Markets
Experts say that equipment demands have grown in double-digit rates during the past decade. They predict that 180/360-degree cameras and fixed-dome cameras will be the top product segments to grow, and they expect to see utilities, energy and city surveillance as the top vertical markets growing the fastest.

2. Big Data
Smart phones with cameras and Internet connectivity combined with social media apps have led to the availability of images through crowd sourcing. Experts say that police will likely request this information more often and use it frequently. While it gives them quick and easy access to others’ information, it will present challenges for data manipulation and quality analysis. This will certainly be a challenge for software vendors and systems integrators.

3. Cloud-Based Surveillance
Although it is not widely available throughout the world yet, China has started using cloud-based surveillance. With network bandwidth improving and product pricing becoming lower, this is a likely possibility for civil use. Experts predict that any cloud-based surveillance services will be priced and evaluated based on the features providers offer to customers.

4. Thermal Cameras
During the next few years, experts predict that the product market seeing the biggest average selling price drop will be the un-cooled thermal camera market. More competition, new product improvements and new markets will present some challenges for this specific market.

5. Panoramic Cameras
The biggest winner among surveillance cameras for 2014 is the 180/360-degree panoramic camera. These types of devices are expected to have the largest number of global shipments, which are expected to increase by 60 percent. They are also expected to pick up market share in places such as retail stores, casinos and airports where panoramic views are vital surveillance needs.

6. Network Infrastructure
Network video surveillance trends continue, so the focus is shifting more toward obtaining infrastructures to support it. Power is essential for this, and recent standards make it easier for security managers. Experts predict that manufacturers will expand their product lines to include more low-powered cameras that conform to new PoE standards.

7. Live Video And Mobile Access
Experts say there have been talks about schools and other facilities possibly sharing live video feeds with law enforcement when necessary. There is already technology in place to make this possible, but there are important cost issues to think about. However, more value is being placed on security and costs are decreasing, so 2014 may be the year when live streaming video surveillance to law enforcement becomes more common.

8. Video Analytic Tools
Many surveillance vendors have been adding low-end analytic applications to their devices free of charge, but the question has been raised whether there will still be a market for such tools. If not, experts wonder if they will continue to be offered for free. The market has reached a point where a decision must be made on this, but they expect that devices with chargeable VCA will exist for applications where reliable analytic tools are needed.

9. Audio Capabilities
More than 70 percent of cameras shipped during 2013 had multi-directional or uni-directional audio capabilities that were rarely used. Despite this, experts predict that the market will see a bigger push for audio capabilities with video equipment during 2014.

10. Vendors And New Markets
Many people think the security market is consolidating, but this is not true. Surveillance vendors are considering new markets as they continue expanding their products and services. Experts predict even more products to be released from network-focused security companies in 2014.

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