Mobile Phone App Data Reveals Top 10 Worst Cities for Driving

iOnRoad, the android and iPhone app that improves driving in real-time, collected comprehensive data from the app to determine the worst U.S. cities to drive in.

The data is collected from iOnRoad drivers and over 100 drives nationwide to determine the results. The iOnRoad app uses the smartphone’s native camera and sensors to detect cars in front of the vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger.

iOnRoad’s VisualRadar, maps objects in front of the driver in real-time, calculating the user’s current speed using native sensors. As the vehicle approaches danger, an audio-visual warning pops up to warn the driver of a possible collision, allowing them to brake in time.

Below is the list of the top 10 worst cities to drive in based on actual driving history reported by iOnRoad rather than insurance-based accident reports.

1. Brooklyn

2. Queens

3. Pittsburgh

4. New York

5. Philadelphia

6. Irvine

7. Houston

8. Los Angeles

9. Boston

10. Washington

 Source: iOnRoad, reprinted from Claims Journal online.


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